Limited edition Hermes Silk Twill Scarf “Les Trophees” for l’AC Monaco FC by Pierre-Marie.

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Limited edition Hermes Silk Twill Scarf “Les Trophees” for l’AC Monaco FC by Pierre-Marie.

Issued in 2013.

The background colours are blue, yellow, purple, black, etc.

Composition: 100% silk twill

Size: 90cm x 90cm

Comes without box.



Excellent condition. 

There are no pulls, stains, discolouration, holes or snags.

The hemps are plump. No S stamp.

The story behind

Who could this incredible collection of trophies belong to? A young athlete who faithfully adheres to the famous Latin phrase "a healthy mind in a healthy body"... An easy-going sense of humor emanates from this evocation. The pieces shine, the characters seem to come to life, ribbons, medals and banners twirl around. You can find the Saut Hermès trophy, the medal of a racing cyclist, a Formula 1 car, skates, a golfer, a fencer... and even a lifeguard's certificate. It dates from 1895 and is none other than Émile Hermès who, diving into the Seine, saved three people from drowning. Faithful to the Hermes philosophy, this scarf features all kinds of sports.